The SoS Compass is a ‘Scale of Stress’ Measurement and is essentially a psychological measure to assess the emotional wellbeing of an organization.The Measurement is on A.B.C.D.E. scale – A – Absolute, B – Breakdown, C – Chronic, D – Distress, E – Eustress

All the employees (participants / fellow travellers) can download the free android and iOS App which not only gives them access to their scores but also updates them with various information on weekly basis in form articles, research papers, videos etc
  • Behavioural indicators derived questionnaire
  • Individual and Org wide reports generated, individual reports not accessible to anyone
  • Measurement is strengthened by management by creating access to various resources
  • Advance features like SoS Alarm available for professional help and support
  • Free upgrades and content updation on weekly basis